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Make your book’s first impression the best it can be with a professionally crafted Cover Design.

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Your audio book cover comes formatted for iTunes and Audible.

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The Cover Design Package offers a quick turnaround. Usually within 3 days after placing your order.

Content Revisions

Need a revision? No problem! The Cover Design Package includes up to 2 revisions. Each revision must be made within 10 days of delivery to qualify.


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Businesses and Organizations

Book Bundles are ideal for businesses looking to establish credibility, add additional revenue streams, and expand their reach on and offline

Personal Brands and Entrepreneurs

Book Bundles allow personal brands and entrepreneurs to establish "expert status" while gaining new leads and potential clients.

Individuals and Authors

If you have a dream of publishing a book or adding another book to an existing series, our skilled ghostwriters can support you every step of the way.