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If you Google "How many books are written every year?" the answer will be roughly 6,00,000 to 10,00,000 books every year in the U.S. alone. Every book out of those hundreds of thousands written every year begins with something common; a reason to be written. I am sure you must have a reason to write your own book too. Whatever it may be, focus on it and let it be the drive behind your success.

Most of the hurdles you might face while committing to your book can be overcome with time management and consistency. You need to thoroughly research your idea and determine what the book is about. Plan your approach, and then write your first draft. Give your draft some rest, revise and write a second draft. Give your book to beta readers after editing and incorporate your feedback.

One thing you must consider is that there is no right way to write a book. Some people participate in the National Novel Writing Month and win themselves a bestseller. Others require a thoughtful outline, an organized plan, and a lot more time. You should figure out what works for you.

Now let's come to the main point of this blog post. What if you are not a writer? What if you lack time? Are those reasons enough for the world to be deprived of your book? Not at all.

This is where the ghostwriters come in. Before you imagine yourself drawing a magic circle and summoning a couple of ghosts from the beyond to write your book, I am going to stop you right there. Ghostwriters are people you can pay to write your book using your idea without credit. You can find many ghost-writing services on the internet, whether your book lies in the fiction or non-fiction category.

Is Ghostwriting Good for You?

Ghostwriters ghost-write for a living, so they are skilled at:

  1. Writing
  2. Setting timetables, structuring chapters, and maintaining a consistent revision cycle are part of getting book projects from point A to point B.
  3. Ghostwriters create content using a combination of technical knowledge, creative abilities, and marketing insights.
  4. Capturing the clients' voice, including their natural speaking style and any idioms they use frequently.
  5. Confidentiality issues are handled with expertise.
  6. Referring their clients to professionals who can assist in moving the book forward in the publishing process

What do you need to know when acquiring a Ghostwriting Service?

You need to be sure that the company or platform you choose is worth it and whether they can work professionally with you. If you choose famous ghost-writing services, it does not guarantee that you cannot be done any wrong and your book will be given the attention it needs. Finding ghost-writing services at cheap rates is a big task. Another thing to consider is that paying more does not always mean that your content will meet the bar. Therefore you need well-researched and experienced advice on some well-known ghost-writing services:


Upwork is a platform connecting freelance ghostwriters and clients. In 2020 the platform generated over 373 million U.S. dollars, but there is a significant market for freelancers to purchase and sell active Upwork profiles on social media networks. It means that instead of obtaining a natural English speaker in your preferred time zone, you can end up with someone from another nation who does not even speak English well.

If freelancers produce good work but do not receive feedback, their success score lowers, and they are less likely to be recommended to you. If a freelancer's profile has been inactive for more than a few weeks without receiving a new assignment, Upwork will remove it. In a sea of spam proposals, you, as a client, may be unable to locate their application. That means you can have a hard time finding a good freelancer on Upwork.

Upwork profits 25% on each transaction, and you lose money. Clients have been defrauded because freelancers are only required to complete basic verifications, which do not contain background checks or screening procedures.

Moreover, they are sluggish to respond, rarely exhibit flexibility or a willingness to help you with your situation, and, worst of all, they appear to believe in only one thing: the house always wins.

Upwork profits 25% on each transaction, and you lose money. Clients have been defrauded because freelancers are only required to complete basic verifications, which do not contain background checks or screening procedures.


Fiverr is another very popular platform for content writing. As of 2021, Fiverr has a net worth of 6.27 billion, but if you look carefully, you will notice that the seller categories on Fiverr are organized by their rank. You will have to pay a high price to receive good assistance from skilled writers. So if you are looking for ghost-writing low-cost services, Fiverr may not be your friend.

Most authors take on numerous tasks at once, lengthening the time to complete a service that ordinarily takes a few hours. It will now take 3-4 days, and if you need your work sooner, you will have to pay extra. On Fiver, some scammers take projects by offering the best gigs. However, after accepting projects, the seller offers the buyer a low-quality service. To be the best on Fiverr, freelancers must amass a large number of positive reviews. Buying fake ones is the best way some people have found to do this. You can find numerous articles, including "tricks" or "secrets" for succeeding on Fiverr.

Why should you choose professional ghost-writing Agencies?

Ghost-writing agencies are professional businesses that hire writers of their own so producing great or lousy content from their writers directly affects their own reputation. They make full background checks on their writers to hire full-time for their agency. They carefully take notes for your content and accommodate every client according to his needs.

“Ebook Writing” is one of these professional ghost-writing services you can trust. They do not only write your required content but write it strategically to make it market-oriented while offering services to publish it on renowned publishing platforms as KDP, IngramSpark, and Audible. They can facilitate you with both fiction and non-fiction books and content for websites and blogs.

E-book Writing services, a small quality-conscious growing company, can even help you with ghost-writing services at cheap rates. Unlike Upwork and Fiver, you do not need to compromise on quality for the price.

E-book Writing Services is a one-stop shop for authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs. It is made sure that you do not have to go through the tiring processes of hiring freelancers fighting for completion and choosing the right price along with the right author for your content.

Working with a ghostwriter can be a terrific method to speed up the process if you have great ideas for what you want to put in your book but do not think you have the skill, time, or perseverance to make them a reality. E-book Writing services can make your content creating dreams worry-free.

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