Self-Publishing a Book through IngramSpark

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IngramSpark is a platform for authors and publishers to publish their books as e-books and as prints. It promotes your book in both versions to more than 40,000 stores online and offline. Yes, IngramSpark is the best wholesale distributor for libraries and bookstores.

Why do you need IngramSpark?

Amazon KDP options for print books are restricted as compared to IngramSpark. IngramSpark has expanded its print-on-demand business by offering the most generous choice of trim sizes both in paperback and hardcover bindings. KDP only allows distribution to Amazon for its print and eBooks, but IngramSpark allows a wider distribution with more than 40,000 retailers, including Amazon.

IngramSpark is an alternative to Amazon, but in reality, you should use them both to maximize your reach. It is advised to publish your book first on Amazon than on IngramSpark as Amazon lets you preview your book, and you can see how your book formatting looks.

You do not have any restrictions on the paperbacks published on Amazon. Publish your paperbacks on Amazon and then immediately on IngramSpark. Let me walk you through how to do it:

1. Acquire ISBN

International Standard Book Number, or ISBN is required for the distribution and sale of your books. Amazon creates its own ISBNs, but for IngramSpark, you can get them made from websites like

  1. ISBN Services @
  2. BOWKER @

ISBN services is cheaper if you want fewer than 50 ISBNs. However, BOWKER is more economical if you want more than 100 ISBNs.

2. Create an Account on IngramSpark

Visit and sign up. Add your name, email address, and the standard inputs to get started.

3. Add Title

At the side of the IngramSpark page, you will see "Add Title." Click on it, and you will be displayed with three options:

  1. Print & EBook
  2. Print Book Only
  3. Book Only

Choose according to your priority but remember you can only choose Print Book if your eBook is already enrolled in Kindle Amazon.

Following this, you will be asked if you have all of your files ready. If you have published on Amazon before, open your Amazon account and copy-paste everything from there.

The last question asked here will be, "What do you want to do with your book?"

Pick "Distribute and Sell" out of the two options.

Click "Continue."

4. Add Title Info

You have to fill in some boxes here:

  1. The first box to fill is "Print Information."

    Add your book title and the language you wish your book to be published in. Next, add any 13 digit ISBN from your lot of ISBNs. Next, choose the option with "I own the Copyrights" if you do so.

  2. The next box is "Authors and Contributors."

    Fill in the Author's name or contributor's name, if any.

  3. Categorize you Title" will be next.

    dd in Imprint here. It is the name used to identify a publisher on his product. You will have to select "Subjects" for your book, just like "Categories." Lastly, you have to pick your audience.

  4. Here you have to fill in "Title Description."

    You can put the "Book Description" you used on Amazon in "Full Description" here. Be sure to remove the HTML codes if you have any. Next, add Keywords. You can add as many Keywords as you can like here but just make sure to separate them with a semicolon.

5. Add Print Info

Here you will add information as to how you want your book to be printed. The first section is mostly related to "look of the book" information, and the others are technical.

  1. You need to select your "Trim Size." The standard dimensions for the length and width of a book are 6" x 9" and 5" x8."
  2. Next, you need to pick "Interior Color and Paper." If your book is a children's book, cookbook, or something like this, you can opt for colors otherwise, black and white is fine. Black and white also reduces the cost of production, but still, colored books on IngramSpark are not as expensive as on Amazon.
  3. Type of Binding" needs to be chosen next. You will get to pick from "Paperback" or "Hardcover." Be mindful that you will need to change the book formatting for the hardcover.
  4. You need to choose your "Cover Finish" from gloss, matte, and textured.
  5. Fill in "Page Count" and "Country."

Moving on to the technical part, we have "Print Pricing:"

  1. When you put a "Retail Price" for the US, the rest of the calculations are made automatically.
  2. You can choose a large amount of "Wholesale Discount" as large stores want good discounts when buying in bulk.
  3. Next, you can choose if you want to give your readers the choice of returning the books and if so what should be done with the books.

Then you have to choose "Print Options." Enable look inside the book option. Lastly, add your book release date.

6. Upload

This section displays two boxes. One box is "Book Interior," and the other is "Book Exterior." In the first box, upload the file with your book content. Add the book cover in the second. Click "Continue."

IngramSpark will notify you at this point if there has been any mistake in the information requirements. Go back and correct them.

7. Payment

IngramSpark publishing charges are mostly affordable. If you are looking for freebies, you can use a promotion code as "SELFPUB," after which your book will be published free of charge.

After all this procedure, IngramSpark will review your input, and it might take some days. The company will contact you if there are any amendments required; otherwise, they go ahead with publishing your book.

Congratulations on squeezing every penny out of the hard work you have done on writing your book.

IngramSpark allows you to be your own master. Gone are the days where you have to run after agents and publishers to publish your book. Lousy offers or unopened packages from mean publishers will no longer be welcome.

Say "no" to waiting around on earning what you rightfully deserve.

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